“Paryushan Points Sheet” for all the kids (and adults) of the Sangh is here. Please make sure your kid / kids does maximum number of things on the list. The points will motivate them to do dharmik activities during these auspicious days of Paryushan. We will give prizes to the winners (maximum points for each group of kids) at the end and a prabhavana to all the participants. Please fill the excel sheet and follow the instructions at the bottom. Deadline to return the form is September 15th before the 1st day of Pathshala for this academic year.

Click here to download Paryushan Worksheet_2019

Essays written by students of Richmond Virginia Pathshala for participating in the competition held by Jaina for their 2019 souvenir book

Essay for JAINA Souvenir 2018-Nayan Mehta
Description: Logassa sutra is a prayer to the 24 jinas (also known as Thirthankaras). Logassa sutra is
comprised of seven parts, or gathas.
Written By: Nayan Mehta
Essay for JAINA Souvenir Book 2018 – Prisha Shah
Description: Snatra Puja is a well-known ritual performed during special and/or religious occasions.
Written By: Prisha Shah
Essay for JAINA Souvenir Book 2018 – Sayam Bafna
Description: Jainism is a very unique, but complicated religion. In this extraordinary religion, they do different things and they
have many different beliefs.
Written By: Sayam Bafna
Essay for JAINA Souvenir Book 2018 – Neel Gandhi
Description: Satsang (Jain Class) – impacted me by making me compassionate and humble.
Written By: Neel Gandhi
Essay for JAINA Souvenir Book 2018- Aarav Lodha
Description: Satsang (Jain Class) – has made me more aware of what I am eating.
Written By: Aarav Lodha
Essay for JAINA Souvenir Book 2018 – Heena Parikh
Description: Samarpan: What is the importance of faith and devotion in our lives?
Written By: Heena Parikh
Essay for JAINA Souvenir Book 2018- Shivani Kundalia
Description: The Unparalleled Power of Seva.
Written By: Shivani Kundalia
Essay for JAINA Souvenir Book 2018 – Moksh Shah
Description: Meaning of Logussa
Written By: Moksh Shah
Essay for JAINA Souvenir Book 2018 – Mahi Shah
Description: LThe Uvasagharam sutra – a prayer of Bhagwan Shree Parshwanath was composed by Acharya Shree Bhadrabahu,
Written By: Mahi Shah